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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

“We’ve paid to be in Hampi for nearly 50 years”

The Singh family is a household of three generations of women:

- Padnathiabai , aged 92 (mother);
- Ammaburnabai, 60 and Shashikalu, 40 (daughters-in-law);
- Anusha, 19 and Ayusha, 14 (grand-daughters).

Their lives have been deeply affected by the demolition of Hampi Main Bazaar on July 29th 2011 – they lost their home, their business and their income has been reduced by 90%.

The Singhs are living in fear of further demolitions and being forcibly removed from Hampi Main Bazaar, where they have lived for 5 generations.

And they have paid the Indian government to be on their land for nearly half a century.

40 year old Shashikalu said: ‘We paid tax for our land to Karnataka government since 1966 and we have all the tax receipts as evidence. And still they demolished our home and business in July. We have very little information about what’s happening next, no-one from the government has come to speak to us in over 4 months since the demolition. There’s a rumour they are going to demolish more in the next 6 months.’

Grand-daughter Anusha, who has been affected by polio, said: ‘We have been in Hampi for 5 generations. Before the demolition, we had a big house in the main road and a shop where we sold clothes and drums. It brought us an income of around 70,000 Rupees per year.

'I try to make another income since the demolition,' Anusha said. 'But now I make only 660 Rupees per month from teaching students and selling a few clothes. This is not enough for my family to live on.

‘To the government, I say we are poor people – we don’t have our father or our grandfather alive to help. What can we do now? We want to stay in Hampi.’

The Singh family, like many others in Hampi lost their home, business and many personal possessions in the July 29th demolitions.

And now a December 12th High Court ruling has stated that all families living in Hampi Main Bazaar must be cleared out in the next few months.

Please visit our Facebook page, Save Hampi People, to find out more about this.

The beauty of Hampi and surrounding villages...


  1. Its quite a sad story, isn't it. How did you get to know about it?

  2. It is sad David. I've just been in Hampi, so I found out from the local people about the July demolitions. I want to go back there. The local people are amazing - they're organising positive events to show how much they care about Hampi, like cleaning up the river etc. Thank you for reading and taking an interest - that's what the local people want.

  3. You're doing your bit to help as well...