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Friday, 23 December 2011

The natural wonders of Munnar, Kerala

This is a Tetley tea leaf, high up in the Munnar mountains...

And here's a bag of coffee beans, off to the factory to be roasted...

And then one lump appears from the mountain forest, a wild elephant - he's joined by two friends on a morning stroll through the tea plantation. We have to keep our distance otherwise they'll charge!

On the Green View Inn trek, they serve a mountain top breakfast of eggs, bread, jam, pineapple and bananas. And of course, some local tea.

A sleepy grasshopper hangs out with us later...

And there are a rainbow of flowers, plants and trees - including yellow and green cardamon bushes, blue morning glory flowers, red pointsettias, pink and orange and yellow lantana. And of course millions of green green tea leaves...

The Munnar scenery changes colour throughout the day. Misty blue mountains at dawn. Vivid green tea plantations and blue sky at midday. Just sit back with a cuppa and enjoy the view...


  1. Lovely photos Charlotte,just beautiful. That breakfast looks good too. Thankyou, loveMum.

  2. So lovely Charlotte. Thanks for posting.

  3. i love & want to see the small blue in big

  4. Ah thank you xx Munnar is a very atmospheric location with all the hills and flowers and bright green tea. Basile - which one? The blue flower? x

  5. Amazing pictures Charlie... Thank you for the beautiful scarves . Enjoy the rest of your adventure and if I dont speak to you in the meantime, Happy new year xxx Jamie & Lou (and Wemmers - who says thanks for her lovely pressies) x

  6. Ah really nice to hear from you Jamie and Louise and of course little Emily xxx