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Monday, 26 September 2011

In my next life, I want to be a chocolate chip starfish...

Out and about in Kuala Lumpur...

Monkeys crossing – possibly the best road sign in the world

A family of monkeys pulling faces at me

At Kuala Lumpur Aquarium...

A giant water rat

An Argentine horned frog – also known as the Pacman frog because it eats everything that comes anywhere near its mouth – including insects, fish and mice

An electric eel - he looks like an Ernie to me...

And two chocolate chip starfish – contenders for nature’s coolest invention

A few other Kuala Lumpur pics...

The Petronas Towers

At the National Mosque

Spot the backpacker...

Do you have any burkhas in pink, by any chance?

Outside KLCC shopping centre (this city loves to shop!)

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  1. Chocolate chip star fishes are really original