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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Kids inspire

Children are a great source of inspiration.

Take my niece Emily, for example - she loves watering the garden with her green elephant watering can.

Here's the front cover of a book I wrote for her last Christmas - it's about the creatures she comes across whilst watering her Mum and Dad's plants and vegetables. My friend Tom Oswald illustrated the book, capturing cheeky Emily perfectly.

I now have a nephew, Brandon. He's a superhero in the making.

I wonder what writing will be inspired by him :-)


  1. This is so cute and i wanna read it :) I've done something similar for my niece georgia who's almost 3 and i have a nephew who's nearly 1. Georgia inspires my humour, she herself is hilarious and only time will tell with Carrick.

  2. ah thanks Ally, yes kids are great aren't they? So naturally playful and funny. xx