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Monday, 22 August 2011

Edge-of-your-seat theatre

Anna Christie at the Donmar Warehouse

If you can get hold of tickets, go along this month to the Donmar Warehouse in London to see Jude Law and Ruth Wilson in Anna Christie.

Rob Ashford's direction of Eugene O' Neill's award-winning play held me captivated from start to finish, with themes of love, forgiveness and facing up to past mistakes.

The set transformations in the play were excellent - from bar room to barge (on deck and inside the cabin) - it even rained inside the theatre when a storm hit at sea! And the intimacy of the Donmar, which seats only 200 people, adds to the tension - the cast are performing right beside you.

Finally, a few words about the writing. It packs the proverbial punch. Layered, sharp, witty, moving. O' Neill was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Anna Christie in 1922 - and the script still feels fresh and relevant almost a century later.

Thank you to my friend Chris Scanlan for the invitation - a lovely welcome home to West End Theatre.


  1. The west end is my home turf and it hurts my insides more than I can actually tell you how fecked off I am I can't see this. I'll be back in Korea soon. Gutted. My friends will see it so I'll have to settle for a skype detailed breakdown. :( Plus, Jude Law......FIT!!!!!!!

  2. Ah yes Ally, this production is a blinder. Good luck in Korea - can't wait to hear about that. (And yes, Jude Law is looking rather good these days!)