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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Doublemint seller - Taipei

I came across this man selling packs of Doublemint gum in Taipei – 15 Taiwanese dollars per pack (around 50 cents). He was asleep standing up, outside Dingxi metro station at 5.30pm on a Thursday.

Doublemint seller:
nine packets of gum to trade
before your day ends.

Arresting attire,
smart blue shirt, grey trousers, hat:
reflection of you.

Doublemint sleeper,
5.30 workers race home;
you snooze while you stand.

Head drooping forwards,
Right knee bending, hands falling
open eyes closing.

Doublemint dreamer,
still you sleep as rush hour fades,
faces smudge to grey.

I like to believe
you have Chinese tea at 6,
at home with your wife.


  1. Awe he makes me sad :(
    Great shots btw!

  2. Thanks Megan - mixed feelings for me too xx

  3. Amazing ! What a great shot ! And what a place to fall asleep...

  4. Thank you Basile - he was very captivating