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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shyness and passion - I can relate

Finding a balance between shyness and passion is a paradoxical challenge in my life – particularly when it comes to relating to people I really like. I’m a hedgehog and Tigger at the same time. A dark blue coat with shiny red lining. It’s often lots of fun to be this way, but it can be confusing too!

So when I met artist and writer, Basile Morin, in Don Det – I asked him to produce an ambigram design of SHYNESS and PASSION. Ambigrams are one of Basile’s artistic specialities – they are word designs which read the same when turned through 180 degrees.

Basile describes ambigrams as puzzles – ‘they are a bridge between the two words,’ he says.

For me, this idea of designing a bridge between shyness and passion is perfect - as it’s the delicate balance between shyness and passion that leads to serenity in my life.

I’d love to hear from people who have experienced shyness and passion in their life or relationships - so please post a comment if you relate to this.

And check out Basile’s website – www.ambigrammes.com – other ambigram designs include:
- amour / haine (love / hate)
- acheter / vendre (buy / sell)
- salut / adieu (hi / bye)

Basile has even created a design for Friedrich Nietzsche - I bet he’d have a few things to say about shyness and passion!


  1. The more I'm shy, the more I'm passive.
    The more I'm passionate, the more I share.

  2. Thanks Basile, I agree. And I do think shyness in moderation is beautiful - but it's when it turns into fear that stops us taking risks, that's when passion needs to take over!

  3. I definitely need to allow my passion to push through my shyness! I have yet to find a beautiful balance between the two. Far too often, shyness (or maybe it's just fear) prevent me from pursuing passion. Beautiful piece of art!

  4. Thank you Sarah, helpful as always - it's reassuring to hear that a fellow writer experiences this duality!

  5. Charlotte, I agree shyness can turns into fear, but passion can lead to lonelyness also. Then I would say shyness is of no use in that case : it's good also to have many passions, many matters of interest. It's good to be curious and interesetd in many different subjects. The number has an importance. That's why an ambigram is not also a link but aso an exclusion. What is shown shows what is hidden, and what is hidden brings to what is shown. I like multiplicity, I try to reveal complixity in somethings. Ambigram is particularly limited by the number : they're always two (two words, not three, not four.) In fact, I agree shyness is beautiful in moderation. And passion very very beautiful in excess, too !

  6. I like the point about having many passions / interests. I think this is really important actually - to be over-invested in one single passion can be precarious. Thanks for the insight Basile.