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Friday, 4 March 2011

Ayesha - diver and writer with a passion for Koh Tao

Thailand, Egypt, Mozambique, Malaysia and The Maldives – these are some of the places that diver and writer, Ayesha, has travelled to and worked in as a dive instructor.

It was the small Thai island of Koh Tao (aka Turtle Island) that eventually won her over – for 2 years, Ayesha has called Koh Tao home.

‘I first came to Koh Tao 8 years ago and made a few dives. It was far less developed then it is now. I returned to corporate life for a few years before I saw sense and returned to Koh Tao to take my Dive Master and Instructor course.’

Ayesha now owns a dive centre with her boyfriend on Koh Tao called Master Divers, http://www.master-divers.com. She has ‘3 cats, a dog and a Koh Tao family.’

Koh Tao is known in the diving community as one of the best places to dive – courses are cheaper than many other places and you can swim with green turtles, white rock turtles, whale sharks and large shoals of tropical fish.

Ayesha also offers courses in underwater photography as she is a published photo-journalist. She writes articles for dive magazines, travel and backpacker magazines – http://www.master-divers.com/articles.htm

‘Initially I started writing to accompany my photographs,’ Ayesha says. ‘Now I like to promote Koh Tao with my articles and in future it will be promoting our website through our blog and championing the environmental programs and education. Articles tend to brew away in the back of my brain somewhere before becoming a real live bunch of words. By the time I sit down to type, it’s usually written in my head. Writing is only difficult when I’ve placed an idea but not really thought it through. I find talking it through with friends is when I find the thread.’

Ayesha’s other main passion besides diving and writing is preserving the natural beauty of Koh Tao.

‘My main concern for the island is the environment,’ Ayesha tell me. ‘In such a compact area you can see the effects of waste and pollution easily. As little as 20 years ago this island had virtually nothing on it but jungle and sandy coastline. Today it’s very different. My personal environmental war is plastic waste. I’m trying to reduce water bottle wastage. I want to get a visitor education program in place so that travellers coming here for just a few days understand their impact in terms of plastic waste and refuse plastic bags and straws and use water refill stations.’

So if you love diving or want to learn – visit Ayesha at Master Divers in Koh Tao. And say hi from me to this talented lady.

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