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Monday, 28 February 2011

Michai is published in Tropical Magazine

Great news from Bangkok.

Our friend Michai - tour guide, hotel concierge, university student, guitarist and writer - has made it through to the third stage interviews for a travel writing position with Tropical Magazine.

Michai sought out and interviewed a senior adviser to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Paradeth Payakvichien, to stand out amongst the competition for the job.

Michai writes in his article:

"'My father was a government officer and used to be stationed in many places. We were always on the move. I learned to travel solo from a very early age,' Mr Payakvichien begins by telling me. This was spark that lit his burning desire to travel the world.

When asked to name his favorite destination, he pauses for a moment before mentioning a place named Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean, just a little west from the Fijian islands.

'The main thing I like about this little island is that not many people live there or know of its existence. Secondly, the culture, as Vanuatu is a condominium state with English and French influences. Did you know until recently the island had two official languages and government buildings were hung with two flags? Fortunately local people did not take in all the western influences and it has developed its own unique culture. It's actually a great mix and match between local and western systems that battle continuously with the harsh Pacific maritime climate.'"

Michai's article is published in the February 2011 edition of Tropical Magazine.

Congratulations Michai - and good luck in the next stage.

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